Deidre Hazelbaker, Loveland, OH City Council Candidate

I work hard today for your tomorrow.

Mom of 2 | Career Woman | Happy Camper | Loveland City Council Candidate - Committed to shaping a better present and future for all.

About me

My personal history is a journey that has been fueled by my creativity, optimism and infectious energy, I have grown my commitment to community service and making a positive impact. I grew up in middle-of-nowhere, Ohio, and as I later achieved milestones in marketing and design, my life story became a reflection of my unyielding dedication to breaking glass ceilings that women often face.

Determined to break the cycle, I took the step to attend college at Bowling Green State University. The early stages of my career saw me starting off as a graphic designer. However, my path took a shift as I transitioned into the realm of marketing during my time at Perfetti Van Melle, a company known for producing Mentos and Airheads candy.

It was during a time when I was 6 months pregnant that I decided to start my own digital marketing business. This venture marked the beginning of my journey as a marketing unicorn, grounded in branding and strategy. With a results-driven approach, I collaborated with a diverse range of brands, from Gold Star Chili to Kroger Simple Truth. Additionally, I had the privilege to work on impactful missions such as Quit Culture, an initiative by Interact for Health aimed at reducing smoking within Black communities.

My engagement isn't just professional; it extends into the Loveland, Ohio community and my active involvement with Cincinnati Friends Meeting, Loveland schools, family sports and activities and volunteering. Within my family, there are two happy-go-lucky daughters, a partner who is also my best friend, and an adorable chocolate lab. Our shared love for outdoor activities brings us closer together and enriches our lives.

Why I am running for Loveland City Council

I am running for the Loveland, Ohio City Council because I am deeply committed to improving our community and ensuring a better present and future for all generations. As a resident and a mom of two creative kids, I am invested in building a Loveland that is engaging, accessible, and well-prepared for the challenges that lie ahead. My goal is to foster community engagement, facilitate easy access to information, work to provide affordable housing and a community center and plan for sustainable development that avoids bottlenecks like traffic congestion. Loveland is our forever home, and I am dedicated to building a stronger, more loving future for all its residents.