Vision for Loveland


Protect Affordable Housing

I understand the importance of protecting our affordable housing options for people of all financial backgrounds, especially our senior citizens with fixed incomes. My goal is to collaborate with local partners, developers, and organizations to find practical solutions that ensure housing in our community is accessible to everyone.

To address the housing crisis in our city comprehensively, we must support homeowners, regulate investor activities, carefully plan urban development, and invest in projects that provide affordable housing. By doing so, we can maintain the presence of long-time Loveland residents, provide affordable housing for our seniors, and offer single-family homes for new families to purchase. This initiative not only keeps generations who grew up here in their homes but also contributes to the overall socioeconomic health of the city for years to come.



Community Center

In 2019, a survey of our residents showed that a community center was the third most desired addition to our town. Surprisingly, it didn't make it into the comprehensive plan. But now, we need it more than ever, especially for our seniors and families.

Having a community center means we'll have a special place where people can come together. You can go there to do different things, like exercise, swim in a community pool, join workshops, attend events, and be part of programs. This will make our town feel more united and like one family, making Loveland a great place for people from all walks of life.

A community center was attempted before. In 2007, there was an income tax-based plan put before the residents. I will not bring this plan to the table with increased taxes. Instead, I will work to secure business investments and grants. This plan should, and will, take time to ensure that we are developing thoughtfully without burdening the residents.


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Safety and Infrastructure

Our town has faced some significant challenges over the past decade due to rapid growth. One of the most pressing issues is traffic congestion, which not only tests our patience but also affects the safety and convenience of our residents. In addition to traffic problems, we've been dealing with frequent water main breaks and vandalism. 

To address these challenges, I'll champion updated plans that prioritize safety and well-being. We'll work on reducing traffic congestion, fixing our aging water infrastructure, and making our town more secure by tackling vandalism. It's time to adapt to the changing times and take care of our community.




Civic Participation

I aim to enhance civic participation by providing accessible avenues for residents to voice their opinions, engage in decision-making processes, and contribute to shaping the future of Loveland.



Community Connectivity

I am dedicated to building bridges beyond Loveland's downtown area to connect various neighborhoods and communities. By investing in infrastructure improvements, sidewalks, and recreational spaces, we can create an environment that encourages residents to explore and engage with all corners of our city.


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Sustainability Initiatives

Environmental responsibility is a priority for the future of Loveland. I plan to advocate for sustainable practices, including green spaces, renewable energy options, and waste reduction efforts that contribute to a more eco-friendly and resilient community.



Community Engagement

I aim to enhance community involvement to bring us together and not divide us by fostering a collaborative environment where residents feel empowered to contribute their ideas, concerns, and solutions. Transparent communication and open forums beyond council meetings will be essential in creating a stronger sense of unity.



Access to Information

I will work to ensure that important information is beyond readily available to all residents, making it easier for them to engage with local government decisions, initiatives, and developments. I do encourage you now to check out the existing plans for the future of Loveland. The city does a fantastic job of providing the current initiatives. 


Building a stronger, more loving future for all its residents.

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